Bubblish Shawl

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DSC_0567 flipped.jpg

The following resources (in alphabetical order) will help you out with the stitches and techniques used in Bubblish:

  • Alternating Skeins

  • Double Yarn Over

  • Knit 2 Together (k2tog)

  • Knit Front & Back (kfb)

  • Lifelines

  • Long Tail Cast On

  • Make 1 Left (m1L)

  • Purl 2 Together (p2tog)

  • Purl Front & Back (pfb)

  • Slip, Slip, Knit (ssk)

  • Slip, Slip, Purl (ssp)

  • Suspended Bind-Off

  • Yarn Over (yo) (see also Double Yarn Over, above)

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