Envined Shawl

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Blocking Tips

To block the sample, I used blocking wires, blocking mats, and pins. After giving it a nice, long soak and squeezing the excess water out with a towel, here's what I did.


I ran blocking wires along the top edge, all the way down to the tips of the lace border, and laid the shawl out on my mats. I pinned the wires straight, gently stretching the fabric outward as I went and allowing the lace border ends to bend slightly downward.

Then, starting at the center point, I pulled each point (made by the columns of central double decreases -- NOT the columns of twisted stitches) straight down from the top edge and stuck a single pin in each. For a more symmetrical shawl, I tried to mirror how far out I pulled corresponding points on each shawl.