Hi, indie dyer!


Gosh, I’m glad you’re here. Working with other indie makers is hands-down one of the things I like best about designing. If you see something on this page that makes you want to reach out, just use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

Wondering whether you can create kits with my patterns and your yarn?

The answer is yes! The easiest approach I’ve found is for me to sell you a certain number of Ravelry download codes for the pattern you’re interested in at my wholesale price, which is 40% off the retail price. You can then include a unique download code with each pattern kit, and purchasers can redeem the code for a copy of the pattern on Ravelry.

Wondering whether you can knit a sample of one of my patterns in your yarn?

The answer is also yes! If you’d like to pair one of my patterns with your yarn to show at a LYS, fiber festival, or similar, I would be happy to gift you a copy of the pattern you’re interested in knitting. (Within reason, of course! I must reserve the right to limit free copies at my discretion.)

Wondering whether I’m open to collaborations?


The answer is, once again, yes! Every collaboration I do seems to look a little different, based on what works best for the makers involved. But it usually goes something like this:

  • We get on one another’s calendars. I’m typically scheduling collaborations at minimum several months in advance, so that there’s plenty of time for dyeing, designing, and test knitting.

  • We figure out yarn details. Sometimes the dyer has input, such as a colorway to feature or a new offering to highlight; sometimes not. I’ve even done collaborations based on novels!

  • Dyer covers yarn, I cover pattern production. The dyer provides “yarn support,” and on my end, I take care of everything else (photography, professional tech editing, test knitting — that kind of thing).

  • Dyers choose how involved they want to be. Some offer discount codes to test knitters who want to use their yarn for the pattern test. Some cosponsor giveaways with me leading up to the pattern release. Some do a Meet the Maker interview, which I share on my blog. Some create kits or discounts for me to share with my email list alongside the pattern. Some participate in the launch. Some do none of the above. It’s all good! And I’m always open to hearing new ideas, too.

A few more things to know about me:

  • My bread and butter is bias-knit wraps. Cowls are a somewhat distant second.

  • I’m more sensitive to wool than I’d like, which means knitting with and modeling pure wool yarns is tough. That means I tend to prefer MCN, silk blends…that sort of base.

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